Here are some testimonials from some very happy clients.

I have suffered crippling lower back pain for most of my life (45+) years. At the time I met Calum, my back was so bad that I had to be wheeled into his clinic via a wheelchair. With sheer amazement I left his clinic that day being able to walk again.
I have been to specialists, professionals, Doctors and none of them have been able to achieve the results that Calum has.  I continue to see him and I am now able to walk without pain, even play the occasional game of badminton. I recommend him to everyone I meet and can’t thank him enough for this new lease on life I thought I would never have again
Mrs. Roberts

I see Calum as often as I can when I have had the chance. As a professional baseball player back in the USA, my body needs some serious therapy to keep it at its best. Calum’s skill and knowledge in what I need from my body is great, his treatments are specific to my needs as a sporting professional.  Between the Deep Tissue, Structural Work, SCENAR and everything else, I can train harder, run faster, pitch harder and know I am running at my maximum potential. After what I know now and the difference I can see in myself, I’ll be getting this kind of work for as long as I can.

Over the last 2 years, Calum has been helping me to achieve the best results for the recovery of my Right knee, which has been replaced and operated on more than 5 times.  The results have been better than expected and even surprised my surgeon, who is one of the highest qualified men his field.  Calum is a dedicated and technical therapist who at the same time, clearly cares for your welfare. I enjoy each treatment as I know I will be walking away feeling better than when I walked in and Calum is always good for a laugh. Highly Recommended
Phil Barlow

I suffered RSI working on my computer in 1989 and it badly affected my neck. As a consequence of this, I continually suffered restricted neck movement, stiff necks and headaches. I found that I had to limit the things that I could do, as any excessive movement of my neck would bring on muscle spasms, pain and at worst lead to migraines. I would have to take sick days off work and attend Physiotherapy sessions to alleviate the conditions. A friend recommended that I visit Calum in 2007. Calum listened to my history and commenced regular sessions of therapy. Slowly but surely he has turned my chronic condition around so that I now have good neck movement without the pain and restrictions experienced previously. I have been routinely seeing Calum since then and he has managed to achieve results that not even Physiotherapists or Chiropractors have been able to manage. I would recommend anyone to visit Calum who is experiencing similar problems of this type.
Peter Gavin

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